Chinese Elephants on Epic Journey May Be Headed Home

For more than a year, a herd of elephants has been on a mysterious journey through southern China.

Now, after what is likely the longest-ever trip made by elephants in the country, the wanderers may finally be heading home.

The 14-strong herd was guided across the Yuanjiang river in the province of Yunnan, China Sunday night and is now in a “suitable habitat,” the National Forestry and Grassland Administration told AP News.

The elephants captured the public imagination after they left their home in the Xishuangbanna National Nature Reserve in March of last year, according to Reuters. At first, a group of 16 elephants traveled to nearby Puer. Then, in April of this year, 15 of the elephants set out again and traveled more than 1,300 kilometers (approximately 808 miles) to the cities of Yuxi and Honghe, reaching the outskirts of Yuan’s capital of Kunming in June.

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