Mapping the Wolverine Way

Wolverines are majestic and powerful creatures. There are also one of the most elusive on Earth.

Thanks to organisations like Yellowstone to Yukon, we are learning more about the locations and movements of the Wolverine in Southern Alberta and BC in Canada as well as northern Montana in the US. There mountain ranges are home to various and there have been various books documented on Wolverine’s in that region, like The Wolverine Way.

These 30 lb. (13 kg) creatures are arguably one of the toughest animals in the wild. They will stand up to a grizzly bear for its kill and win. They have been tracked traveling 500 miles (800 km) across three American states in only 10 days and have climbed the near-vertical face of Mount Cleveland in January.

Although fierce, they are vulnerable. Like the grizzly, wolverines need interconnected blocks of large wilderness to survive. A combination of logging, mining and road networks are threatening to cut off U.S./Canada populations from each other. These elusive animals are currently listed as a Species at Risk in Canada and recently under consideration by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service as Threatened if wolverine populations do not remain connected across the U.S.-Canada border.

There should be more studies, like the wolverine in BC study we shared previously on our site, on Wolverine behaviour so we help protect them better!

For more information look at Yellowstone to Yukon’s site here.

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