Are Solar Roads a failure?

Was it just a bad idea?

On first thought it is an innovative idea. It’s refreshing to see such original ideas out in the world.

But since various initiatives have started in France, Netherlands and other areas several findings indicate it is not all we thought it was going to be. For example in Frane, the Wattway road was generating half as much energy as expected.  But it is important to keep the hope as technology will improve and adoption increases.

According to Le Monde and Popular Mechanics, the Wattway solar road has been declared a complete flop. Driving over it made so much noise that they had to drop the speed limit to 70 km/hr.

But we have untold millions of acres of rooftops on buildings and houses that could still be covered in solar. In Korea, they are putting solar panels on frames to protect bike paths from the sun, which probably costs less than putting them on the ground.

There are so many innovative and exciting opportunities for solar panels, but putting them in roadways doesn’t seem one of them.

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