Large toy maker will phase out plastics

Starting in 2020, the company Hasbro will redesign packaging to be more environmentally-friendly.

American toy company Hasbro has announced that it will start immediately to phase out plastic from new product packaging. Its goal is to eliminate plastic elements like polybags, elastic bands, shrink wrap, window sheets, and blister packs by 2022.

Hasbro produces famous toys such as Nerf, My Little Pony, Monopoly, G.I. Joe, and Mr. Potato Head.

It’s not the first time Hasbro has made a concerted effort to improve its environmental impact. In recent years it has stopped using wire ties, added How2Recycle® labels to packaging, started using plant-based bioPET, and joined forces with TerraCycle to create a toy recycling program.

The recycling program exists in the United States, Germany, France, and Brazil. It turns old toys into “materials to be used in the construction of play spaces, flowerpots, park benches, and other innovative uses.” The eventual plan is to ensure that all Hasbro toys are recyclable in the major markets where they are sold.

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