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Irish company more than doubles plan for solar farms in Calgary

DP Energy proposes solar panels on top of contaminated sites in southeast Calgary DP Energy has already won approval for one solar park in southeast Calgary and is now pushing for a second in the Shepard Industrial park. Combined, the two would be one of the largest photovoltaic solar farms […]

Are Solar Roads a failure?

Was it just a bad idea? On first thought it is an innovative idea. It’s refreshing to see such original ideas out in the world. But since various initiatives have started in France, Netherlands and other areas several findings indicate it is not all we thought it was […]

Apple now runs on 100% renewables globally

Apple has built a massive solar farm in North Carolina USA, and as early as 2013 was powering most of its facilities through renewables. The company has now finally announced that it is fully, 100% renewable at all retail stores, offices, data centers and co-located facilities in 43 countries around the world. […]