Oil companies have record investment in Green Energy in 2019! Energy Transition at work?

Major oil companies are poised to do a record number of clean-energy deals this year, with Royal Dutch Shell Plc leading a group of European companies that are well ahead of their U.S. rival.

The investments to date in 2019 already are surpassing 2018 investments!

The data compiled by BloombergNEF underscore the quickening pace of the transition to low-carbon energy among the world’s largest fossil fuel producers, and the scale of the trans-Atlantic divide. European majors closed 7 times as many deals with renewable-electricity and storage companies as their U.S. counterparts since 2010.s.

Interestingly the investments are mainly in Wind, Solar and transportation/mobility.


Shell has passed by Total this year in investments, but Total still leads in its overall investments in renewables.


Are these the pictures of Energy Transition at work?? What do you think?






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