Killer whales attacked my boat for 45 minutes

Continuing on our stories about the strange behavior of the Orcas / Killer whales in Spain.

A Scottish yacht owner has described how his boat was attacked by three killer whales off the coast of Spain.

Graeme Walker, his wife Moira and their friend Stephen Robinson were targeted early on Tuesday morning.

Mr Walker, from Helensburgh in Argyll and Bute, felt a sudden jolt as he was at the helm of the 48ft yacht, before spotting one of the orcas.

The retired chief financial officer told BBC Scotland: “We realised they were after the boat.”

During their 45-minute ordeal, off Cape Finisterre, they prepared the life raft as the Promise 3 was rocked and spun round.

They later discovered a 1.5sq ft chunk had been bitten out of the fibreglass rudder.

Speaking from La Coruna, where the yacht is undergoing repairs, Mr Walker said: “I felt a thump on the boat and the helm was pulled out my hand.

“I was not really sure what was happening, then one of the animals broke the surface, on the left hand side of the boat, for breath.”

For more details, click here.

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