Massive Salmon Farm Die-Off Pollutes British Columbia’s Clayoquot Sound

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is aiming to protect the cost of British Columbia through Operation Virus Hunter. As part of that operation Sea Shepherd crew members have been on the water documenting a mass salmon die-off event at salmon farms within Clayoquot Sound, a UNESCO listed World Biosphere Reserve. The video footage reveals the presence of thousands of dead and decomposing fish being loaded onto barges at the aquaculture sites while clean-up crews operate around the clock to clean up the mess. An oily slick has been leaching into the waters of Herbert Inlet and the Moyehai river estuary on the west coast of Vancouver Island, a sign the fish have been decomposing inside the pens for weeks.

For more information about Operation Virus Hunter in BC, Canada, click here.

For more information about Sea Shepherd, read our other blog post here.


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