Millions of Atlantic Salmon die in fish farms

A mass salmon die-off at a Newfoundland fish farm last month has highlighted environmental risks and transparency issues facing the region’s growing aquaculture industry as some Atlantic provinces pin economic hopes on its development.

Northern Harvest Sea Farms, owned by the Norwegian company Mowi, attributed the deaths to an extended period of high water temperatures, between 17 and 21 degrees Celsius.

In addition ongoing news in BC of Atlantic salmon escaping into the Pacific due to breached nets is having an effect on the Northwest ecosystems. A PRV virus had an affect on various salmon farms as well. Watch this video to learn more about the salmon farming in BC!

About 70% of all the fish our fish eating humans consume is farmed!! Fish farming has lots of controversy due to the antibiotics needs, concentrated waste the farmed fish produce in the ocean creating dead zones,

One of the reasons I stopped eating fish several years ago!! What do you think about farmed salmon?


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