Canada’s emissions will raise Earth’s temperature by 5.1°C – New study

A new study has just been released, Warming assessment of the bottom-up Paris Agreement emissions pledges, that looks at how different nations are meeting their commitments, and Canada, along with China and Russia, is pumping out emissions at a rate that would raise the temperature 5.1°C by the end of the century.

The author of the study tells the Guardian that he hopes the study will have a positive effect.

“This metric translates the lack of ambition on a global scale to a national scale. If we look at the goal of trying to avoid damage to the Earth, then I am pessimistic as this is already happening. But this should be a motivation to ratchet up ambition and avoid global warming as much and as rapidly as possible. Every fraction of a degree will have a big impact.”

Will Provincial elections in Alberta and the rest Canada be able to turn this around?

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