Human population ‘Boom’ and ‘Bust’: Nations’ Rates of Childbirth Vary Significantly

Ninety-one nations are not producing enough children to maintain their current populations, while the opposite is true in 104 countries where high birth rates are driving population increases, according to a new scientific study.

Total fertility rates (TFR), a summary measurement representing the average number of children a woman would deliver over her lifetime, have declined since 1950. In 2017, the lowest TFR was in Cyprus, where on average, a woman would give birth to one child throughout her life, as opposed to the highest, in Niger, where a woman would give birth to seven children.

In addition to Niger, Mali, Chad, and South Sudan were among the 104 nations with fertility rates exceeding two births per woman, as compared to 91 countries, including Singapore, Spain, Portugal, Norway, and South Korea, along with Cyprus, with rates lower than two.

So for some countries this is good news from a sustainability aspect, while others still need more attention. This is great information to see where the focus should be to solve some of our main problems like waste, water, food and more.

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