Science versus Inuit: Are there too many polar bears?

“Inuit believe there are now so many bears that public safety has become a major concern,”

A recently shared plan out of Nunavut, Canada, that leans heavily on Inuit knowledge indicates that in certain areas of Nunavut there are too many polar bears.

Environment Canada’s response says that’s “not in alignment with scientific evidence.” It cites two studies suggesting the opposite. Other scientists mention “its just plain wrong.”

In another recent example, in an interview with Insuma TV, one Inuit – people native to Arctic regions of Canada, US and Greenland – elder says the Earth is “wobbling” and that the “sky has changed”.

Elder Ludy Pudluk said: “This change is noticeable. The daylight is a lot higher on the horizon.”

That has sparked Science to explore and to see if the Earth is tilting.

Local knowledge should never be underestimated and science can help to prove or -dis-prove its findings.

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