SalesForce goes Net Zero 33 years ahead of plan

Salesforce, the world’s leading cloud provider, is now operating as a net zero company, 33 years ahead of its plan.


Through a series of Carbon Offset programs and established partnerships. Sunya Ojure, Senior Manager, Sustainability at Salesforce explained that these partnership work because the partners share our core value of innovation and enables our employees and customers to also get involved by making carbon offsets approachable.

Carbon offset projects are an opportunity for individuals and companies to help reduce their carbon footprint. Every dollar counts, but SalesForce’s comprehensive partnerships create an ecosystem that accounts for carbon properly. Purchasing carbon offsets is a key element in Salesforce’s sustainability strategy. Their commitment to offsets allowed the company to become net- zero emissions 33 years ahead of schedule. “Operating as a net-zero company puts an internal price on our greenhouse gas emissions,” explained Ojure. “It creates a financial incentive to support decisions throughout the business that avoid and reduce carbon emissions, from specifying high efficiency IT equipment to bringing about low-carbon, renewable energy to support the business.”

What can you do?

  1. Understand your carbon footprint
  2. Decide on a strategy how to lower and/or offset it
  3. Look for partnerships with aligned values
  4. Get started!

Feel free to contact us if you need any advice or support in these areas.


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