5 reasons to shop local this holiday season

Of course shopping is already in full progress. To show respect, appreciation and love to our friends and family we exchange gifts.

You have most likely heard this before, but it is always a good reminder.

1.Strengthen your local economy

Buying locally keeps $0.73 of every dollar in the local community. If you would buy from a foreign company of franchise it is closer to $0.24. The more money is spent locally, the more circulate and your community will overall improve.

2. Show support for small independent businesses

I choose to sponsor small businesses. If I have the option of a Starbucks or Tim Hortons over an independent cafe, I go for the independent. I  have so often been surprised by the great level of service, uniqueness of products and overall great atmosphere that it is just a much more rewarding experience for myself. In addition you are most likely supporting a family in your community. Small business hire more people than large organisations, so indirectly you are supporting job creation in your community.

It is good to see that over 58% of people are expected to shop at local, independent retailers. (source: PwC ) 

3. Knowing your $$ are going to someone who gets to do what they love

If we were to measure the Gross National Happiness factor, like Bhutan does, then this option will demonstrate an overall increase in happiness in the community. In some cases people have been going to stores for years and true relationships have been established. Connect, talk and learn more about the local retailers.

4. Fewer miles travelled, means lower impact to the environment

The key for this is staying in your local community and finding the right retailers. Don’t drive to the large malls on the outskirts of town. Perhaps bike or walk to your local shops and save emissions.

5. Supporting a model of sustainability

As you can see in the chart above 20% of people indicated they would shop with second hand retailers. Besides that keeping more money in the local community creates a more sustainable local economy, that can support a healthy community, which can take care of its environment.

Enjoy smart, local shopping this season!

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