Humpback whale escapes crocodile-infested river in Australia

humpback whale has escaped a crocodile-infested river after a weeks-long journey through the perilous waters of a national park in Australia.

Three whales initially made a wrong turn into Kakadu National Park’s East Alligator River (which is full of crocodiles) early this month. Officials in Australia’s Northern Territory first spotted the stranded trio of whales on Sept. 2 but could not do much to help them, aside from redirecting boat traffic and tracking their progress through the park.

Two of the whales appeared to escape the river earlier this month, leaving only one behind to brave the crocs.

The lost whale was alone for over a week but never appeared to be in distress, officials said on Sept. 11. The whale’s presence caused a stir among locals who compared it to the “Loch Ness monster.”

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