Is this the work of waves, a prankster or supernatural beings? The mystery of the white lines on a B.C. beach

First Nations leader says grid of shell fragments caused by ‘square waves’; scientist says it looks man made.

An Indigenous leader from Haida Gwaii, B.C., says mysterious white lines he saw on a local beach are naturally created, but a scientist affiliated with the federal government is skeptical.

On Monday, Billy Yovanovich, chief councillor of Skidegate Band Council, posted several photos on Facebook showing some unusual grid lines formed by broken seashells that he observed Saturday on a beach on Lina Island.

“There were about 47 squares that were still visible on one row,” Yovanovich said. He estimates the squares were about seven feet long (more than two metres) and four feet wide (about 1.2 metres.)

The councillor said he had never seen lines of crushed shells perpendicular to the shoreline, but he believes it is a natural occurrence.

For more info, read the full article here.

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