Tree Winnipeg’s ReLeaf program launches fall effort to get tree seedlings planted

A Winnipeg not-for-profit working to see a million new trees planted in the city over the next two decades is doubling its efforts to get tree seedlings into the hands of budding back-yard arborists this year.

Tree Winnipeg’s ReLeaf program has been providing hundreds of trees for Winnipeggers to plant every spring for the last five years, but the group is expanding the program into the fall this year with the hopes of making the push to plant a biannual effort.

“We’ve seen an increase in the demand for trees,” explained Lisa Jones, program director with Trees Winnipeg, who tells Global News the program saw 530 trees planted in the spring, and just shy of 1,900 trees go into the ground since 2017.

For more info read the full article on Global News.

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