Murder hornets found just 13 km from B.C. border

Two more Asian giant hornets have been found in Washington state, just 13 kilometres from B.C.’s border.

The insects, formally known as Vespa mandarinia but sometimes called ‘murder hornets,’ are invasive to the region and known to devastate honeybee colonies.

In July, the WSDA captured its first-ever live Asian giant hornet specimen. And earlier this month, the agency caught its first male of the species.

Officials have now documented at least nine of the insects, all of them in Whatcom County which abuts the B.C. border.

The WSDA is working to capture live hornets, with the goal of fitting them with tiny radio tags. The hornets would then be released, and lead officials back to their nest so it can be eradicated.

More on these Murder Hornets on Global News, click here.

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