COVID-19 Cancelled flights impacts Carbon footprint positively

First of all we hope you are all safe! We wanted to share this positive message amidst a challenging and fear heavy period of 2020.

Greenhouse gas emissions from commercial air travel was growing at a faster clip than predicted in previous, already dire, projections, according to recent research.

The United Nations aviation body forecasts that airplane emissions of carbon dioxide, a major greenhouse gas, will reach just over 900 million metric tons in 2018, and then triple by 2050.

But the new research, from the International Council on Clean Transportation, found that emissions from global air travel may be increasing more than 1.5 times as fast as the U.N. estimate. The researchers analyzed nearly 40 million flights around the world last year.

Over all, air travel accounts for about 2.5 percent of global carbon dioxide emissions — a far smaller share than emissions from passenger cars or power plants. Still, one study found that the rapid growth in plane emissions could mean that by 2050, aviation could take up a quarter of the world’s “carbon budget,” or the amount of carbon dioxide emissions permitted to keep global temperature rise to within 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels.

COVID-19 has impacted most international and domestic flights. We foresee for at least 1 month that the majority of flights will be cancelled, approximately 70%.

So what does that mean for the Green House Gas emissions?

Worldwide, flights produced 915 million tonnes of CO2 in 2019. Globally, humans produced over 43 billion tonnes of CO2.

So that would average out to 76 million tonnes of CO2 per month. Of that 70% would be reduced, for a total of 53 million tonnes of GHG emissions that will be avoided.

Saving 53 Million Tonnes of CO2, is the same as taking more than 11 million fuel cars out for 1 year, avoids 122 Million barrels of oil being burned or switching off 13 coal based powerplants for a year.

Every month the flights are being restricted as per above this impact gets multiplied!

This is a significant impact and positive for our earth and also slightly bending the CO2 curve!


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