Phytoplankton is disappearing from our Oceans

Our Ocean is dying.

Plankton is disappearing and scientists do not know why. Actually scientists not in the employment of the Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans do know why. We should all know why. Here is Paul Watson’s (Sea Shepherd) take on why:

“Since 1950 we have seen a diminishment of phytoplankton in the sea of between 20 and 40% depending on regions.

Phytoplankton is the foundation of all life on this planet providing up to 70% of the oxygen we breathe in addition to being the base for the entire oceanic food chain.

Phytoplankton diminishment means oxygen diminishment, it means zooplankton diminishment, it means fish diminishment, it means diminishment of life on both land and in the sea.

Why is phytoplankton being diminished.

1. Because we are killing off whales that provide the nutrients of iron and nitrogen needed by phytoplankton. Every day one Blue whale defecates 3 tons of whale manure, rich in the essential nutrients needed by phytoplankton.
2. Diminishment of marine mammal and sea bird populations.
3. Diminishment of fish populations from excessive over-fishing.
4. Pollution – chemical, plastic, sonic and radiation.
5. Human overpopulation. Excessive consumption. 

The world needs to shut down industrialized fishing and all longlines, gill nets, purse seine nets and trawl nets need to be banned.

We need to give the sea the time to heal the damage we have caused.

The absolutely most important issue today for the survival of humankind is phytoplankton.

If we do not stop this diminishment we will all die. Civilization will collapse and there will be no future for humanity and millions of other species.

Yes, I know, doom and gloom predictions and like the prophet Cassandra whose curse was that all her prophecies were ignored, so it is today with conservationists. Because what people forget about Cassandra was that all her prophecies were fulfilled.

When the Ocean dies, we will all die!”

To learn more about Captain Paul Watson, read this:

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