Is Sustainable investing becoming more common?

Sustainable investing is becoming more common, with investors increasingly looking to put their money in places which align with their own values.

Millennials are seen as chief among the group choosing to make socially responsible investments.

Sustainable investing has come under the spotlight in recent years, with a UBS expert telling CNBC earlier this year that the space is seeing more attention from the ultra-rich.

Observers see socially responsible investments as an emerging trend with consumers, especially among the millennials, who are being driven by a desire to make an impact with their money.

“They want to know: Not only is my money making money long term, but it also aligns with my values,” Michael Katchen, CEO of Toronto-based online investing company Wealthsimple, told CNBC’s “Power Lunch” in April this year. He said “many” of his customers are millennials.

According the Wealthsimple, investors who advocate for social responsibility tend to make more money than their peers in the long term due to their increased likelihood of sticking to their plan instead of panicking during sudden market movements.

To learn more about Sustainable investing, read this:

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