New fastest animal in the world

It is not what you may think, it is not a cheetah, not a sailfish, but the Dracula Ant (Mystrium camillae)!

Ants in general are seriously worthy of admiration – they build castles, they assemble into escape rafts, they can carry 50 times their own weight, and other feats that go way beyond what we mere humans can do.

Now the Dracula ant lays claim to a new world record. According to recent research, it has the fastest animal movement known to science – it can snap its mandibles at speeds of up to 90 meters per second (more than 200 miles per hour).

The jaws of this super ant go from 0 to 200 mph in 0.000015 seconds.

Maybe we should honor these ants by creating a special stamp for them, the same way Canada did for Sharks.

See more about the research in the video below.

If you prefer reading, try this:

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