Why Social Business will save the world

Business is a force for good and has the potential to fundamentally change the world for the better.


Just imagine….all businesses focused in making the world a better place. Just the Fortune 500 companies would have $17 trillion dollars and over 26 million employees focused on helping other people, protecting nature and creating solutions to make the world a better place. How different could the world be….

On the other hand non-profits are exploring and implementing social enterprise to basically become more business focused while putting their social mission first. That allows them to become more financially sustainable, more independent and make a bigger impact.

A social business focuses its resources on true improvements to society and environment while providing jobs and providing sustainable, long term solutions.

There are many definitions out there, but the most important thing is: are we truly fixing a social or environmental problem.

The first step is to understand the problem or system in so much detail that you can define a road map on how to fix it.

Keep your eyes on the horizon:

  1. Select and clearly articulate the problem you are trying to solve
  2. Understand in detail all aspects of the problem
  3. Envision how to resolve it through a social business model
  4. Take action and get started

More to come on this subject in the coming weeks!


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