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Vaquita, the most endangered cetacean in the world

Vaquita porpoises have puzzled scientists since their discovery in 1958. Regrettably, their populations have gotten much smaller over time due to illegal fishing practices. In this post, we highlight that while these “little cows” may be difficult to protect, we should try everything we can to save them.  […]

Ottawa Ups Protections For Endangered Southern Resident Killer Whales

The new regulations focus on contaminants, noise, physical disturbances and access to prey. Expanded protections for endangered southern resident killer whales off British Columbia’s coast focus on contaminants, noise, physical disturbances and accessibility of chinook salmon, the orca’s primary prey.  The actions announced by several government departments Thursday include […]

Sea Shepherd Removes over 1000 Pieces of Illegal Fishing Gear from Vaquita porpoise habitat Mexico

Operation Milagro, Sea Shepherd’s campaign to save the critically endangered vaquita porpoise, reached a significant milestone this month. Over the past six seasons of the campaign, more than 1000 pieces of illegal fishing gear have been removed from the Upper Gulf of California. This federally-protected and UNESCO recognized […]