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George River caribou herd shows first population gain in over 25 years

Herd population is estimated to be 8,100 animals, up from 5,500 in 2018. This is great news compared to the recent news that Jasper National Park is losing its herds. A summer “baby boom” in the long-struggling George River caribou herd in Labrador and Quebec has led to […]

Jasper National Park says one caribou herd gone, two others on the brink of local extinction

Caribou populations in Jasper National Park are in deep trouble.  Of three southern mountain woodland caribou herds managed by Parks Canada, one — the Maligne herd — is now considered extirpated, or  locally extinct, while the other two are dangerously small, according to the Jasper National Park’s Species at Risk report.  Worse, neither […]