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Trump administration coal bail-out causes more pollution and deaths

Coal is struggling in the U.S. — It is being used less and coal plants are shutting down. But President Trump is following through on his campaign promise to bring back coal. Last month, he called for a bailout for the nation’s floundering coal-fired and nuclear power plants. Keeping these coal […]

What’s next? Algae lamps!

Proper lighting at night is required for safety along road and pathways. Many need electricity to run at night. Although many places have transitioned to LED lighting, the most energy efficient lighting currently available, to cut down on the energy use of street lamps, but a renewable energy […]

Apple now runs on 100% renewables globally

Apple has built a massive solar farm in North Carolina USA, and as early as 2013 was powering most of its facilities through renewables. The company has now finally announced that it is fully, 100% renewable at all retail stores, offices, data centers and co-located facilities in 43 countries around the world. […]