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Indigenous Peoples leading the way on conservation in the Yellowstone to Yukon region

From time to time, the problems we all face can seem overwhelming. Headlines on environmental stories these days can be shocking, sometimes even terrifying, when they talk about collapse of biodiversity and loss of large wildlife species, massive insect die-offs, and pollution affecting large waterways and lands. But […]

Mapping the Wolverine Way

Wolverines are majestic and powerful creatures. There are also one of the most elusive on Earth. Thanks to organisations like Yellowstone to Yukon, we are learning more about the locations and movements of the Wolverine in Southern Alberta and BC in Canada as well as northern Montana in […]

Video: Curious Bear launches at car

Here’s why experts advise keeping your distance from wildlife. Footage from Irkutsk in Russia’s Siberia region captured earlier this month shows how quickly a slow-moving and curious bear can turn into a threat. Good thing the windows were closed. In the United States, bears in many areas have come to associate […]