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Millions of Atlantic Salmon die in fish farms

A mass salmon die-off at a Newfoundland fish farm last month has highlighted environmental risks and transparency issues facing the region’s growing aquaculture industry as some Atlantic provinces pin economic hopes on its development. Northern Harvest Sea Farms, owned by the Norwegian company Mowi, attributed the deaths to […]

Microplastics found in drinking water

More research is needed to study the effects posed by microplastics in drinking water, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has said. The international public health body has also called for a reduction in plastic pollution to reduce the global populations exposed to the substance. Microplastics – which are tiny […]

Wild Salmon under threat in Canada?

Conservationists on Canada’s West Coast are raising a red flag. A diver and BC government captured video and took various samples of what some fish farms  release into the ocean.  The video footage caught the attention of government scientists who confirmed the presence of the highly-contagious piscine reovirus […]